Founded in 2009, Wuxi JustTrust Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Wuxi "Perceiving China" Central Park. Taking building a "Smart China" as its mission, it aims to master the core technology of the Internet of Things in the field of transportation and security, focus on video image analysis and recognition processing, and is specialized in the research and development of intelligent video analysis systems.

The company was founded by internationally renowned computer vision and intelligent video experts. We have conducted academic cooperation with the Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Research Center of the University of Toronto, Windsor University, and Wuhan University. We have set up R&D centers in Toronto and Wuxi respectively. We have a strong R&D team composed of doctors and masters in related disciplines. We also have branches in Zhenjiang, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Jinan, and Shenzhen, with business scope all over the country.

Since its inception, based on the core patented technology of video image analysis and recognition processing, starting with the two major themes "intelligent transportation" and "intelligent security", it has independently developed a variety of system products, such as "high-definition electronic police system", "video traffic flow and event analysis system", "traffic accident alarm system", "illegal parking capture and real-time monitoring system", "video area perimeter security system", etc. As a developer of intelligent video analysis products, JustTrust's independently developed video analysis products have always maintained a leading position in the domestic industry. Looking forward to the future, JustTrust will continue to follow the business line of market demand to promote technological innovation, and strive to become a world-class provider of intelligent video analysis products and solutions in China.